Lochmoor Club


Playing or competing, wet and wonderful, the pool is the focus of both an athletic and social side of Lochmoor Club.

The swimming program at Lochmoor Club is made up of the pride and dedicated efforts many members, parents and junior swimmers alike. Kevin Hafner, the Pool Manager and Senior Swimming Coach, has over 170 members in his various classes, ranging in age from 9 to 17. Since 1995, Kevin and his staff have had no fewer than 50 individual league champions at Lochmoor Club. Additionally, the Club’s swimmers have set no fewer than 14 league records. Perhaps his biggest impact has been with the entry-level swimmers from which future greats come.

Lochmoor has had the top eight-and-under program in the MICSA for the past ten years. The Club had the top boys’ team in the league in 2002 and 2003 while the girls’ teams have dominated the league championships every year since 2003. Aside from individual awards and records, Lochmoor’s team, the Lochmoor Sea Dragons, has stayed on top of the 14-member Country Club swimming league for the last six years.

Lochmoor's 25 meter, six lane competition area is attached to a 12′ diving well with springboard. The diving area is 15′ wide and 35′ long. This, however, is not a swimming factory. The pool also contains a shallow 3′ wading area that features a sloping walkway and water sitting steps for easy access. This is not to be confused with our separate enclosed wading pool, also on the pool deck, for our youngest swimmers. This pool has a depth that varies from 1′ to 1’6″. It also contains a fountain for the swimmers to play under.

There you have it, playing or competing, wet and wonderful, the pool is the focus of a combined athletic and social side of Lochmoor Club. Out of the pool but close enough to keep your eye on the tads, you can amble through layers of umbrellas and lounge chairs. And, of course there’s a pool side bar serving cocktails, cold ones, and specializing in a Happy Hour Menu.