Lochmoor Club

Member Testimonials

From our members and guests

"I can't tell you how pleased I was with everything!! The shower exceeded my expectations!! I loved it..and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My girls grew up at Lochmoor. It was our second home. We joined again because we missed it and for occasions like this. We were greeted at the entrance with a huge smile and a big hug..the staff made me immediately feel at home and no matter what..it would be beautiful!! A club is where your heart is. It's home. It's feeling welcome and taken care of. It's not the golf course..pool and tennis courts really, it's the way you feel when you walk through the doors. I have always felt love and friendship whenever I've come through those doors. There is only one Lochmoor!"    Carrie K.

"We have had a wonderful 30 + years with our Lochmoor membership.  Our children took advantage of the amenities and experienced memorable relationships.  We have hosted confirmation parties, a wedding, and funeral wakes as well as high school reunion gatherings.  The dining experience has been excellent as well as what the pool/bar offers.  Lochmoor has always been, good times with good friends."   T. Phipps

"As members celebrating our eighth year with Lochmoor Country Club, we have enjoyed the Club as a married couple and also as a family of four. Of the many things that we love about the Club, what stands out the most to us is the feeling we have when we visit the Club. We are always welcomed with a genuine warmth that is unique to Lochmoor. Whether we are on the golf course or enjoying brunch as a family in the pub, the spirit of community that we feel when we're at the Club is what keeps us coming back for more."  Caitlin K.

"What a success!  Our attendees were VERY happy with our first meeting at your beautiful facility!  Please share our THANKS  with Jordan for his special attention, (especially with the microphones!); with Chef for the great meal, especially the marvelous tomato soup; the wondrous waitstaff, whose attentiveness and politeness were noticeable and noted upon by several.  The gracious coffee/tea service, offered almost as one entered the room, and and continuing quietly after the meal and thru the speaker, was also appreciated. Leslie's centerpieces were a special touch!" You have been a joy to work with, and I personally look forward to our continuing affiliation.  Thank you to all involved!"  Yours, Carla Teagan, President, Grosse Pointe Friends and Neighbors Club

"My chat with the President of GPF&N this morning turned into a celebration/applause/compliments session aimed directly toward Lochmoor Club. Our first luncheon meeting at the Club was truly a huge success. It was not only about the plate of food placed in front of us (wonderful), but all the small, little touches that I, as a member, would notice and appreciate. Lets just mention a few: drinks for the ladies at the check-in table, coffee for guests upon arrival, table spacing, we like to get up and walk over to another table to chat with someone we know, place settings, I loved being able to move my elbows after being seated, Leslie's beautiful centerpieces, on-time meal service, soup, as usual, was hot and delicious, quiet table clearing, well you and I know what Lochmoor service is all about. Kudos to Amy, she was a big help, Sharon and Karen.  They are tops. 
Please, when you see involved staff, mention what a great job they did for GPF&N."  Best regardsMaryann J.