Lochmoor Club

Guest Information


Our professional and courteous staff are committed to exceeding your expectations while at Lochmoor Club. The following guidelines are designed to enhance your experience.

As a guest of Lochmoor Club, you are welcome to utilize our Men's and Women's Locker Rooms. Our Locker Room Attendants will be glad to assist you with locker assignments and anything else that will add to your experience while visiting the Club.

Upon arrival, guests should drop their golf clubs off at Bag Drop with the attendants. Upon departure, golf bags should be picked up in the same general area.

All persons must wear appropriate and tasteful golfing attire, as determined by the General Manager, Golf Professionals, Outside Service Manager, and their designees, on the golf course and all golf practice areas. Blue jeans, denim clothing, cutoffs, tennis, hiking, and jogging shorts, swim attire, tank or halter tops, string t-shirts, muscle shirts, and sun suits and similar attire cannot be worn on the golf course. 

Shorts must be at least mid-thigh length for men and skirts or skorts must be at least mid-thigh length for women.  All men must wear their collared shirts tucked in their pants or shorts.  All hats or visors must be worn in the traditional manner with the brim of the hat facing forward.

Lochmoor Club is played in 4 hours for 18 Holes.  It is the member's responsibility to ensure their guest(s) play is not holding up other golfers.  Keep pace with the group directly in front of you, not with the group directly behind you.

Cell phones must be kept in silent or vibrate mode anywhere in the Clubhouse.  Members and their guests are prohibited from talking on their phones inside the Clubhouse.  Cell phones may be used on the golf course and practice areas provided they are kept in silent or vibrate mode and DO NOT distract play or DELAY PACE OF PLAY.

Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse, with exception of the Smoking Room associated with the Men’s Locker Room. Smoking is not permitted in any area on the grounds defined as employee work areas with the exception of the golf course. Members are responsible for recognizing and adhering to all non-smoking areas.